Brian McPartlon Roofing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, represents itself in the community as the premiere roofing company, but buyer beware. McPartlon bids jobs higher than they need be bid then hires day laborers to do the work, many of whom do not speak English and can not follow directions, and then the company pockets the cash earned by hiring lower wage employees than the job was bid to provide.

I lived in a house in which the company did a complete tear off (replaced the whole roof), and it was a disaster. Debris rained down on every item in every room. Rain came through the ceiling running down walls and rafters and damaging possessions. In addition, the unskilled crew shredded the electrical wires crossing the roof, didn't even know (or acknowledge) that they had done so, and then put the new roof on top of the damage. Consequently, there was no power in half of the house when the job was done. An independent crew of electricians had to come and run new wires around the peripbery of the house.

Brian McPartlon Roofing never reimbursed for their damages, nor accepted responsibility, but were happy to collect their $40,000 fee for the roof, a ridiculous amount for a less than 1500 square foot house/roof.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #777441

I agree with the reviewer who says this review is slander (someone in New Jersey lodging a complaint about a Santa Fe Company). Could someone be confusing Brian McPartlon with his brother, Kevin, who also runs a roofing/stucco company????

I have have had roof work done by Kevin and have only compliments for his work and for him as a person.

I am tired of complaint sites being exploited by those who have a personal vendetta against someone.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States #713896

They were very professional and knowledgeable. My roof had a leak that was difficult to find.

Instead of recommending a whole new roof, as some other Santa Fe roofers had done, they started with the least expensive solution and worked with me, fixing the apparent source 3 times with successively more involved repairs. They did not charge me for returning to work on it until it became apparent that the drainage angle had to be improved.

They were reasonably priced and diligent. I could see it was a difficult problem and I admired their reasoned, step-wise approach.


I received an estimate from McPartlon to replace approximately 80 feet of gutters. Nothing special about it.

The estimate was $1900. I called back one day after approving the work because I talked to a friend with construction knowledge and was told the bid was ridiculously high. The work was scheduled for the following week, but when I tried to cancel I was bullied and harassed by the office personnel. And i never signed anything.

She was telling me that the order for materials could. Not be canceled and that I owed them $600 for 100 feet of metal gutter. I guess it was gold plated. I am an older female new to the area.

Iguess I saw me coming and planned to take full advantage.

Don't use these people without getting at least 3 estimates. :cry


Unfortunately, you are misinformed. I know for a fact that McPartlon has had the same employees for quite a number of years.

They've been my roofer for over 20 years now and I've had nothing but the best service from them.

It's truly sad that you feel the need to SLANDER a company who has been around for so long, especially when you don't have your facts straight.

Guess you are the type of person who can still sleep at night and not worry about doing wrong to people. Good for you!

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